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Finding right packers and movers for your house shifting in a city like Bangalore was a tedious thing to do a couple of months ago. There are directories available; It was tough to believe them blindly as there was no assurance of service quality.
Some packers and movers service providers charge very high price after completing the service. Adding hidden fee is one more worry. If you call-up local directories they would just end up sharing some random numbers which will not serve the purpose.
Relocating to a new place is unquestionably a tedious thing. There are many things which are to be taken care of such as planning, packing, loading, transportation, unpacking, unloading, reorganizing etc. All the goods must reach without damage. Who can transfer the goods readily and quickly?
Shifting from one city to other city had always been a hassle. A never ending list of finding Genuine Packers n Movers, Getting the quotes from them , Getting approval from the company , Finding a house in the new city, Knowing more about the city, Finding schools for your kid and now finding cash to pay the relocation services and the list goes on.
Searching for packers and movers in Bangalore is a very difficult task, because there are so many packers are sitting for giving service. It's better to get referred by some of your friends, who already done the movement. Below mentioned few details are there for choosing best.
Thank you for asking such questions about Cheap and Best Movers in Bangalore.
Once we need an service for packing , moving and arranging of our household from locally in the city or another cities in India for an professional and hassle free services
It's quite a scary part that the number of fraud packers and movers has increased considerably over the last few decade. As a result, you may have to face some obstacles to hire professional packers and movers
Shifting has been a tedious and tiresome process for people. Professional people find a bit tougher to take time out of their working schedule. Even if they have extracted time out of their busy schedule they much needed infrastructure resources including types of vehicles (such as truck, mini-trucks, matador, pick-ups etc.).

Packing and Moving companies are aplenty these days, but the factors you should consider before you hire one, are all the same. What are those factors, you could ask?
Well, the first aspect you must look for is if a company has been in the business for long and served a lot of people during that time. Because if they have, then it is likely that they would have faced and overcome many pitfalls while serving their customers. You can do this by going over to relocation services’ websites and reading the ‘About Us’ page, where a company speaks about itself.
Secondly, you must look for, on their website, the presence of any testimonials from its customers or images of the company serving a customer. Testimonials, in particular, speak a lot about a company’s credibility and how it has been viewed by its customers. So, pay attention to testimonials on a Packing company’s website.
Another check you ought to make is, look for the package features provided by a company. It’s immensely important that your belongings, which will definitely include prized possessions, are insured before they are shipped from your current residence to the one you are relocating to. By insuring your belongings, you will be compensated for any damage incurred by any of the shipments. Secondly, ask if the company provides you with warehouse facility, which may be indispensable for you. These are fundamental features that, nonetheless, should be provided by Moving companies.
After doing these checks, which are a part of the initial screening, you can contact a company over phone or by sending an email, elucidating your requirements or to even just fix an appointment at their office. By having a face-to-face conversation, you will have a lot more freedom to explain everything about your relocation, the kind of commodities that have to be shipped, the date on which they need to be shipped, the ease or difficulties a relocation company may face while loading the shipments into the container, etc.
After meeting them and having a chat at their office, you can invite them for a house visit too, to gather an understanding of your requirements and belongings. At this time, ask for a rough estimate for the entire relocation process and go ahead and fix them too, if you have liked every facet about that company.
Shifting goods or car from one city to another city had always been a hassle. A never ending list of finding a genuine packers& movers. All the companies will claim that they are the best. But we can't trust them unless and until we used there service or somebody else had used there service. Don't ever go with any unknown packers& movers just because of the cheap quotation. Don't select the packers& movers based on lowest quote because when you will handover the shipment to them they increase the price and what quality of service you are expecting from them there are no gonna give to you. Better pay little more amount and select a recommended packers& movers.
It is advised to keep the size of truck into the consideration before hiring it. If you have a large amount of goods to be transported, then it will be quite feasible to get a big size truck and vice versa. In order to ensure the safe transportation of the goods, make a list about the quantity of goods and the space they will require in a truck. It always makes a great sense to check the registration certificate of the truck you are planning to hire from the Mumbai packers and movers companies. This is because if the moving company truck is not registered, then there are chances that your goods may be confiscated by the government officers. Last but not the least, it is important to make sure that the truck must belong to the relocation service provider and not of any third party. The drivers must have a valid driving license also.
Hello every household very important for every one but some things very important my opinion is very importang house hold every one carry for us because they load and upload household not very good type od load and upload they throw small things after they crack every upload things good worker for this work other wise they crack any things it is very imfortant for go any place and without no load your household packing it is good for your things
I want to give a certain tip on goods transport in both ways one transportation and the way we do packing is very important to move house hold good from one place to other . firstly I want to discuss about parcel or packing system we should pack our items clearly and neatly with a plastic covers . house hold items will be delicate . after packaging we should take them carefully to the transport office ask them to see either it is parcelled clearlyb or not. if it is neatly packed it is ok or we should ask the transport to get pack. we should get the good reputation of transport and parcel the good in them . hence transportation os also very important. hence in both ways we should get parcel in a good manner . or now a days packers and movers are available if we give them the whole packaging and transportation they will do all the thing by taking certain fees . this is good in now days so that our household goods items will be safety. in a one month back I have shifted my house by giving contract to the movers and packers. they have done very safety my work with out damaging any item or product
I have been relocating to places with my stuff for almost every 2 years due to my job and every time it is a big hassle to move. I have tried number of packers and movers and every time I make sure I write my review. 80% of my relocation reviews talk about the damages these people have made to my good and luggage.
It is a very difficult job to find a good and reliable & good packers & movers! Basically while you are changing location and you need to shift all of your belongings, it is usually going to be a dark nightmare. I had found so many complains(on various webpages) against various Packers & Movers. No one had given flawless service to all. May be some are luckiest and rest are having bitter experience with them.
1- Before you finalize the Packers & Movers, please keep remember-
2- Before finalizing with any Movers kindly check the reviews of that particular Packers and Movers company.
3- Point out the various charges and services they would offer to you to avoid any hidden charges post shifting
4-Clear every thing before finalizing any movers in the terms of service and rate.
5-Visit their office to gain the trust.
6- Before finalising any packers ask them to email you all the offers.
Shifting goods or car from one city to another city had always been a hassle. A never ending list of finding a genuine packers& movers. All the companies will claim that they are the best. But we can't trust them unless and until we used there service or somebody else had used there service. Don't ever go with any unknown packers& movers just because of the cheap quotation. Don't select the packers& movers based on lowest quote because when you will handover the shipment to them they increase the price and what quality of service you are expecting from them there are no gonna give to you. Better pay little more amount and select a recommended packers& movers.
Relocation is quite tough task for me. But after hiring packers and movers services this task converts into enjoyable experience for me. Now I can say packers and movers are the best available service you are looking for. They provide best quality of service which avail all the facility according to your needs and requirements. You surely want to experience professional guidance for your shifting so they provide you one of the best professional team for relocation.
You wouldn't find the best packers& movers, if you go for search like this as there are many packers& movers in India. But the fact of the matter is naming good packers& movers is not a big deal but what best for others may not be the he same of you. Hence, you better make a bit of research on it and find out which one would suit you the most?
If you want to relocate from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and other cities and want to choose the best and reliable packers and movers anywhere in India area then fortunately you are in right place. However, you can find a lot of companies by searching on Google but all those companies are not so good. As we know that every brighten thing is not gold. So, be careful before choosing any packers and movers. Do enquiries and questionnaire as much as you can.
Making a blind choice while choosing any packers & movers is never advisable since packers & movers is not an organised sector. Mouthshut is a nice platform to let us know to compare the company reviews. I had shift a lot in past but never been satisfied.
Hi. Its is really a tedious and hectic job to move goods from one location to another and its much more than this to find a reliable service providers in your area.
But few things I relies and would like to share with you, If you really sincere and want a honest service provider you must be sincere about this process because you cant trust only name of service provider because its not a regular job of you,
So be sincere with yourself to hire a right service provider, Ask max 2-3 companies, Invite them to your home and tell your complete requirement honestly, never hide anything with service provider because your one laps can became strength of service providers, So be honest and expect honesty. Always visit a physical office of service provider with whom you want to go, verify everything from your end, because your one laps can create a big trouble for you in future. Never hand over your goods to any one whom you does not know where they located.
If you are planning to shift to a new place or a city altogether, the first thing which comes to your mind is about transporting your goods safely to that place. Choosing the right company becomes more important if your goods have high price value.
Therefore, always make sure you know as much as possible about the company. Visit their website, read their reviews, call a few of their previous customers and only then decide. It is always advisable to choose a company which any of your friends or family members have used before.
Looking for relocation packers & movers etc.all packers & movers, trnsporter, service providers, manufacturers, furniture manufacturers are not 100% in todays world. I am 20 yrs in service industry but not a single co' comes up with a clean immage on garanted tension free services.
Apart from this so many factors like cunning customers asking for(low cost services), uneducated grade 4 labour / helper, truck drivers, bad roads, traffic.etc are the major hurddles.
My experience is that those who are in IT or else.should only go for minimum useful things for relocation and should purchase other few items like furniture etc from that particuar city were you are relocating & after you finish your terms .sell them there till you settled in your permanent place.this will minimize your worries and hassle.
Moving Tips –
When it comes to moving, everyone will give you advice and tips. It is best to get the most benefit from the wisdom of experienced people. Here are some great packing tips which you should never ignore.
1.       Start Early
This is by far the best advice, since packing takes a lot of time than you expect. it is always best to start packing early like doing 1 room a day, this will help you to avoid last minute rush and everything will be done on time.
1.       Declutter
Check all your belongings and decide that do you actually need all these? Get rid or donate the stuff which you haven’t used for ages. All the packing and moving company charge by the total volume. you can save a lot of money and stress if the overall weight is lighter.
1.       Labelling
you should labeling each and every moving box, you can make use of different colors for different rooms. Also, prepare a list of all the content in each moving box, it will be easy for you to find your stuff at new home.
1.       Concentrate on one room at a time
Don’t dump everything into a single moving box and seal tape it. Start concentrating on one room at a time. Plan and pack everything in an organized way and then move to the next room. Once you are done, pack the leftover content of each room as miscellaneous.
5. Choose the correct moving box
Don’t stuff a big moving box with smaller items, put smaller items in small moving boxes and then organize all the small boxes into bigger boxes. Smaller boxes can be easily lost or damaged during the transition.
6. Carry the important documents in person
Always make sure to carry all your essential documents like passport, educational certificate, agreement, cheque book etc along with you. It is very difficult to recreate and get an original copy of important documents if they get lost in transit.
1.       Insure Valuable items
If you own valuable items like jewelry, artwork, rare and unique collections, it is advisable to protect the items using a moving insurance. You can also contact a third party insurance company to safeguard the valuable items.
1.       Pack necessary items
Always prepare a box with all the necessary items which you will need at your new home. Label the box properly and it should be loaded as the last item onto the moving truck. The box can include essentials like chargers, laptop, towel, a pair of dress, soap, brush, quick meals, toilet paper, sheets, torch, batteries, water bottles, eating utensils, plates etc.
1.       Checklist
Prepare a checklist of each items and the moving boxes that goes into the moving vehicle hand over a copy to your friend or family member who is at the new home . The person can check and receive all the moving boxes . In this way, you can easily track the missing or lost box. Additionally, you can also check for damage of items during the time of delivery.
1.       Control the moving expenses
The moving budget should be prepared in advance, this will help you to plan all your expenses ahead of the task. By this, you can have a control over your can consider using a suitcase, plastic storage boxes, for stuffing you can use towels, clothes, newspaper etc .They are much cheaper than bubble wrap and moving boxes.
Moving to a new place for a new job or an exciting opportunity can be a big step in one’s life, but it can also be super stressful due to the ever-growing list of things to do. From choosing a moving company to getting sturdypacking material there is so much to do before the actual move.
If you are planning to move all by yourself, you’ll have to purchase different kinds of packing materials to ensure a smooth move.
Here is the list of different types of packing materials which you can consider.
1. Packing Paper
 The newspaper comes handy in packing everything starting from bowls to cups. It is also an inexpensive packing material but the ink of the newspaper can stain your cups, bowls. You can select dye free packing paper so that the ink does not rub off on your vintage cups and plates. You can simply wrap around the items and secure them with some packing tapes. While keeping the wrapped items in the moving box, cover them with a towel to avoid breakage during the moving process.
2. Bubble Wrap
 Bubble wrap is another great packing material to protect the fragile items like dishes, artwork, painting etc.Keep your bubble wrap flat and then securely place your item in the middle portion, wrap it and seal with a packing tape.
3. Packing Peanuts
 For cushioning , you can make use of packing peanuts to fill the moving boxes.Packing peanuts are made using non toxic sources and are do not have an electrostatic changes hence they will not stick to the clothes and are best for packing and stuffing. It will work as a barrier around the items and prevent shuffling them during the move.
4. Packing Foam
 Foam is another best material to secure the fragile and breakable items like glass, ceramics. You can wrap your valuables with foams before placing them inside the moving box. Wrapping them again in a towel or cloth will make it more secure.
5. Household items
 You can also use old household items to pack your belongings during a move without spending additional money. You can pack your clothes in a suitcase or can use shirts, clothes to fill space in your moving boxes. It will work as a padding.
6. Boxes
 Moving boxes are essential to pack all the belongings. You may have a small apartment or a big house, you need a good amount of moving boxes in different sizes for packing. It is advisable to use the moving boxes to pack books, bathroom items, kitchen items, living room items, toys, small electronics etc.
Before finalizing a moving company, take time to completely discuss your queries with them. Nothing about moving is easy, the task can pile up and overwhelming. It is crucial to find a reliable moving company with whom you can feel comfortable.
By asking the below-mentioned questions, you can finalize the best packing and moving company which will make the entire moving experience stress free.
Questions related to moving costs
 This is the crucial part where customers have questions. Make sure you get a written moving estimation from the moving company.
 Below are some questions that will help you to get a clear picture regarding the quotes
 1. Are the supplies included in the quotes? If not what are the additional charges?
 2.What are the things included in the insurance? what is the cost of additional insurance?
 3. What is the form of payment? How much advance should be paid?
 4. What factors can have an effect on the moving cost? Would moving on a weekday will reduce the moving cost?
Question related to moving and delivery time
 1. How does the company charge? If the charges are hourly, does it also include the travel time?
 2.Will my belongings deliver on a committed date or there can be a delay?
 3. If I am not available to receive my delivery, what happens in that case?
Questions to ask the moving company
 1. Is there any restriction on items or list of the prohibited item during the move.
 2. Packing and unpacking will be done by the moving staff?
 3. How many moving staffs arrive during the moving day?
 4. Will our household belong transferred to another truck during the move?
 5. What happens in case of lost or damaged good during the move?
Detailed information about the moving company
 1. Whom to contact during the moving day?
 2. Who will be the point of contact once the goods are delivered?
 3. Are the moving staff well trained? Is their background checked? The moving staffs are on the company payroll or are hired from a third party?
 4. Will your company provide a certificate of insurance on request?
 5. Can the moving company share testimonials and reference from previous clients?
 6. What is your specialization and what makes you different from rest of the moving companies?
Asking these questions from your potential moving company will help you to finalize an excellent moving company. You will have a confidence of being treated well and your goods will be in safe hands.
Tiny houses have lots of benefits. Besides being low in price and cute. Being a tiny house owner, you must be well aware of the space limitations. You must be creative when it comes to selecting storage space, appliances, furniture and belongings.
If you have to shift to a tiny home then do sure you consider the size and total volume of each item to be kept inside the new house. Make a list of necessary appliances and furniture which you need to buy before purchasing in order to avoid investing in large furniture and appliances which may not come handy.
1. Hooks
In tiny homes, you won’t have ample amount of floor space, wardrobe space or kitchen storage space to store your belongings. Hooks are your new best friends, you can make use of them to hang clothes, kitchen items, umbrella, bags, shoes, mugs, equipment, pans, foldable storage shelves etc. Invest in robust and sturdy hooks so that they have a long lasting life. You can install hooks in kitchen, bedroom, living space, cabinets for better space management.
2. Sofa cum bed
A tiny house will not have much room for guests or a guest bedroom. It is always a good idea to use the living space when you have a guest at home. You can invest in a good quality and comfortable sofa cum bed.
3. Compact refrigerator
The volume of fridge will depend on your family size. If you are couple a very small one will also do. But if you have two or more kids, you may have to consider a double door one. You can also plan the location of fridge beforehand like under the kitchen counter.
4. Shelves
You will easily run out of storage space horizontally but you can create vertical storage space. Create shelves in every possible nook and corner of your new house. You can also install shelves under stairs, inside each steps, kitchen, service area, above the toilet etc. Wall mount shelf, mirror shelf will also help to save more space. You can get in touch with experienced house designer, they will help you with more creative ideas.
5. Fully automatic washing machine
The semi-automatic washing machine takes more space than an automated one. Also, invest in a simple drying rack to dry the clothes outside.
6. Fold-down tables
Fold down tables are an easy solution to save space in tiny homes. You can also use a the same table as a dining table, working table and tea table. You can create a DIY fold down table will specific measurement based on the size of the tiny house.
7. Nested Tables
Nested tables are another great option for better space utilization at Tiny house. A beautiful set of nesting tables can be used in different ways and moved around the house as per the need.
8. Bed with storage space
A Bed with storage space is another great investment for tiny house. The space can be used to store extra blankets, cushions, bed sheets etc.
Moving and shifting all the household belongings to a new place is a difficult task.After the unpacking is done, you will be left with enormous numbers of boxes and packing materials. They can occupy huge space in your new house until you dispose of them completely.
Here are some ways to get rid of your Boxes after Moving House
1. Selling
 Selling Boxes and packing materials after moving house is a great way to recover some money. You can post an advertisement on your social media page or on other selling websites like eBay, OLX, Quikr. The interested people will contact you. You can also sell these moving boxes to your local scrap dealers. They will be happy to take the boxes off your hands and in return you may even be able to make some money!
2. Donate
 You can simply donate the boxes to a charitable organization, they can use it as storage boxes . There are many organizations like paperman and NGOs like goonj, which creates several DIY handicrafts for the needy. Beautiful handicraft and storage boxes can be created using these moving boxes.
3. Contact Moving Companies
 If you have hired a packing and moving company for shifting, they would have got the moving boxes and other packing material with them. Most of the items are reusable, you can ask the moving company to take them back after unpacking. You can retain some boxes for storage purpose too. If you are not able to do all the unpacking on the same day, after the unpacking you can simply call the movers to collect the boxes. This is the easiest way to get rid of moving boxes.
4. Give Them Away
 If your friends or other family members are preparing for a house shift in the near future then you can give the moving boxes to them. You can also check with your colleagues and friends via a brief facebook, twitter or Whatsapp post. If your moving boxes are in good conditions then they will be happy to take the boxes.
5. DIY Storage boxes
 The moving boxes are super sturdy and can be used as storage boxes to store cloth, books, shoes and other items. You just need to be little creative with the boxes like wrapping them with clothes, creating compartments within the boxes etc. Make sure, you have secured the corners of boxes with tapes. You can also reuse the packing cushions, bubble papers to safely pack the delicate items, crockeries, fragile showpieces etc.
6. Reuse for the next move
 If you are in a transferable job or shift residence frequently then you can store the boxes for future use. These boxes are expensive, you can save some money on your next home shifting.
7. Recycle
 You can contact the nearest recycling station or paper factory. This is the best environment-friendly option t get rid of boxes. You need to simply flatten the boxes and stack them after removing the tapes and staples.
t some point of time, many of us need to relocate from one city to another. It can be due to a job change, higher education or some other reason. Bangalore is an excellent city to live in, but if you are moving to Mumbai then you must keep few things in mind like selecting the suitable locality, house etc.
You may experience major culture difference and you need time to get habitual to it. Apart from that, you have the biggest responsibility of shifting your belongings safely from Bangalore to Mumbai.A lot of question would be running into your mind like how to get in touch with trustworthy packers and movers near me? Whom to trust with household belongings? What are their charges? Are the charges reasonable?
Below tips will give answers to all your question about how to find the best packers and movers near me
1.Never Opt for The Cheapest Option
 As soon as you search for packers and movers near me on the internet, you will get a list of packers and movers. But, you never know why a company is charging more than the another one. A detailed research should be done before finalizing the packers and movers.The main reason could be less manpower. In that case the total time to pack the entire house will be more. They may not be well equipped and your household belongings are at the risk of being damaged. Many times cheap packers and movers offer a low quote and then surprise you with hidden charges. Packers and movers near me should be professional so that household belongings are in safe hands. Professional movers provide you with exact estimation and you also would be assured regarding the quality of packing materials.
2. Hire An Experienced Team
 No one would want to hand over their house belongings to some random inexperienced team. When I am looking for packers and movers near me, I do not want to waste my time monitoring the entire packing process. An experienced team can be of great help, it consists of trained staff. They know how to pack each and every item. Additionally, I can be assured that my belongings are in safe hands and I don’t have to monitor them.
3. Effective Complaint Resolution
 Professional packers and moves have a dedicated customer care helpline to provide a solution to all your issues. Whereas a random packing and moving company usually don’t take responsibilities for things that go wrong. Always look for online ratings and reviews before finalizing the moving company.
4. Distance Should Not Affect The Quality
 Packers and movers near me should be able to offer the best and unbeatable services if I am moving to a nearby city or within the same city. Many inexperienced company feel that moving short distance is risk-free and they can use substandard materials for packing. The distance should never affect the quality, it is essential to protect the belongings with good quality packing materials.
5. Professional Behavior
 Packers and movers near me should behave professional and they should provid compelet detail to the customer. They also should be available in public platform so that you can easily get the contact details like phone number, website, and emails.
One of the disadvantages of moving is that you can end up with damaged items, which are irreplaceable. After executing so many successful moves, we’ve listed the items that have the most chance of getting damaged. It is better to ask the packers and movers you have selected to take good care of these things during a move.
They should pay extra attention to these frequently damaged items in order to ensure a hassle free move.
Here are some frequently damaged items during transit.
1. Art Work
 Art works are expensive and unique. It is very difficult to pack and move these fragile items. A damaged piece of art is very heartbreaking, especially because it is rare and irreplaceable. A broken piece of art or a damaged frame cannot be used in any way. If you are an art lover and are looking forward to moving highly valuable art work, it is better to hire professional packing and moving company. They will take care of the entire move from the starting to end.
Additionally you can also choose to insure your shipment and mark it as “Fragile” and “Art Work” as this will indicate to the moving staff to carry these items with more caution.
2. Sport Equipment
 Sports equipment can be one of the most prized possession for a sports lover. But, it can be very challenging for the moving staff to handle them. If you are a sports lover and own sports equipment like shuttle, bats, rackets, masks, helmets, boots, nets which are extremely delicate and can be damaged during a move – you have to extra vigilant.
3. Glassware
 Glassware is delicate and needs extra care while moving. It can be easily damaged if not properly protected. In order to pack glassware and china cookware, always pack them in right size of the box, so that there is minimal movement and shaking. Make sure the weight of each box is 2-4 Kgs only. Wrap each glassware individually and make sure they do not come in contact with one another.
4. Plants
 Plants must be treated with utmost care because if not properly cared for, they can die during the relocation. Once you reach to your new home, be sure to first unpack the plants. If you are planning a long distance move. If you are using a box to transport them, make sure you drill a hole in the boxes it will give the plants a chance to breathe. Tied the loose branches together to prevent breaking. Load the plants last and ask the transpoter to keep watering them a little if possible, along the way.
5. Mirrors and Photo Frames
 Mirror and photo frames can also easily get damaged during a relocation. Since they are very fragile, it can easily break if not handled properly. Pack the mirror and photo frames in boxes of their own size. Always stuff the bottom of the box with newspaper and cushion the edges. After packing the mirror and photo frame with news papers and bubble wrap, label them as “Fragile” or “Handle with care”. Always transport the mirror and photo frames vertically.
6. Electronics
 The electronic appliances like washing machine, TV, computer, home theaters etc can be damaged during a relocation. Always use the original packing boxes to avoid damage. Also, use lots of packing paper and bubble wraps to secure edges. If you do not have the original box make use of alternative box which is of similar size. Pack cords of each device separately and avoid placing anything on the top of boxes containing electronic appliance.
We all will packing and moving to a new place as a very difficult task. It is better to plan everything in advance as staying organized will reduce a lot of chaos and stress.
A great way to do that is to introduce structural organization during your home shifting. You can do it by using a fool proof labeling system once you have packed the cardboard boxes. It does not take up much time but will keep you stress-free on moving day as well as when you finally have to unpack.
Here are some top 4 tips for labeling your moving cardboard boxes for the big day.
1. Keep the labeling tools handy
 Channel your inner Monica and become super organized! Get the below listed stationary for labeling the boxes.
The basic thing you need for labeling the moving boxes are 2-3 permanent markers. Get thick tip ones. Make sure they are of good quality and brand. Avoid purchasing the cheapest markers, you can use this to write on tools for another purpose once the moving is done. Buy at least 4-5 different color set of markets. You can use different colors to label different room belongings. This will make the unpacking easy. You cannot predict the weather on a moving day, it is always best to prepare for rain in advance. Always use waterproof marker pens to avoid smudging of the label. You may also like to get some scotch tape.
2. Color codes are secret weapons
 The best possible way to label the boxes is by using a color coding system. This concept is effective as well as simple enough to follow. Choose a color for each room and use it until the last box is packed!
 Eg. if you choose the color red for living room use the red market and mark all the cardboard boxes in the living with red color. You can also write living room on them and mention the exact content of each cardboard box.
3. Follow the old number method
 Another good way to label cardboard boxes are to make use of numbers in addition to color coding. You would not require any marker to write down the content of each box, it will save a lot of time. You can assign a unique number to every container and prepare a master inventory list.
The list will consist of the content of each cardboard box. Don’t lose the master inventory list, else all your efforts would be in vain. It is better to keep 2-3 copies of the list in separate place. You can also photograph the list so that it stays in your mobile!
4. Method to Label the moving boxes
 You can label the boxes as per your convenience, but be sure to label the top and sides, both of the cardboard boxes. Make sure the writing is visible and readable. Using a packing tape over the label is the best way to attach them to the moving boxes. Once you have packed the box with delicate and breakable items, it is must to mark “Handle with care or Fragile” with big fonts or red color in order to attract attention of any person who maybe handling it.
Many times kids get disappointed when they get to know they have to leave their friends, school and home and move to an altogether new place. Once you have decided to move, you must inform and prepare your kids about the move.
Here are some common mistakes many people make when they move with their kids.
1. Not telling your kids the reason for move
 You could assume that your kids are too young to understand the reason behind your move so you may decide not to tell them. This is the main reason kids find it difficult to settle into a new place and neighborhood. They are not aware why they left the previous place and suddenly why should they accept the new one.
The best solution is to inform your kids about the move. Answer all the question honestly. Explain and convince them about the change and good things that come with the relocation.
2.Waiting till the last minute before informing your kids
 Don’t give unexpected news about the move to your child and shock them, they need some time to process the news. Last minute announcement may cause anxiety and panic. They are too young to think but will understand very well that their life is going to change. While informing them about the move you can share beautiful pictures of the new place, locality, tourists attractions, play ground, new school to get them excited about moving.
3. Assuming kids can help with the pack
 You can take help from your kids while packing and moving but avoid asking them to do too much. If you assume your kids maybe able to get their toys packed with no supervision, you’re wrong! Some older kids maybe able to help with the packing, but ensure that you guide them as you may end up with damaged and broken valuables.
4. Excluding the kids completely from the packing moving
 Small kids cannot be expected to pack very well, but they can definitely help you during the move. Kids are usually interested in knowing what you are packing and taking to the new place. Ask them to pack their own toys and other belongings like books or clothes which are not too heavy.
5. Not preparing well in advance when the kitchen has been packed
 Always keep a bag handy it should contain some healthy snacks and quick meals. Also have a few toys and books handy to engage them if your television has been packed. This way they will not get bored and get into dangerous situations when heavy furniture is being moved around.
If you’re relocating from within the city or moving from one city to another, the hassle you face is pretty much the same. Who do you trust with your belongings? How do you get in touch with the best and most trusted packers and movers? How much do they charge? Are they overcharging me? If you don’t have the answer to these questions, don’t worry, we’re here to help you.
 NoBroker will help you find the right home as well as the right movers and packers for your needs. Our aim is to make the whole moving process as quick, affordable, and painless as possible. Here are a few tips that’ll help you choose the right packers and movers.
 Don’t always choose the cheapest option 
 You’ll never know why one company charges more than another, so do the research before you chose your packers and movers. One main reason could be that they offer less manpower, this would mean packing your house will take double the time! The other reason could be the equipment and materials that they use, it might not be the best and it might not suit your needs. This could also mean that your expensive appliances and other household goods are at the risk of being damaged.
Another ‘trick’ most inexpensive packers and movers use is to give you a low quote and then in-between the move hike the rates. They use excuses like they did not know how many items you have, they did not know it would be this far, they did not guess the size of vehicle you would need and so on.
 With professional movers on the job, your stuff is in safe hands. You know that their estimates will take a lot of things into consideration. You can also rest assured that they won’t use sub-standard packing material or move your precious items callously.
Chose a team that has experience 
 An inexperienced team is easy to spot, it’ll be the team that needs constant supervision and direction. When you’re moving, there are plenty of things that need your attention, the last thing you should be doing is wasting time monitoring the packing of your household items.
 With an experienced team, you’ll get courteous staff that is trained well and know exactly how to pack each item in your home. Packers and movers that have experience also know the right materials that are needed for the job. There won’t be time wasted on packing and re-packing and you also won’t have to monitor them. Another big plus is, they will be on their best behaviour while on the job.
Effective complaint resolution
 If you’ve worked with unknown packers and movers, you’ll know that they don’t take responsibility for things that go wrong. When you unpack your furniture and appliances and you see something is broken, who do you call? The packers and movers won’t respond and even if they do, they will shrug off the damage or deal with the issue in a brutish manner.
 With well-established movers and packers, you’ll see that they have a dedicated customer care helpline and they will attend to your issues professionally. This customer-centric approach will make you feel valued and you’re sure to get value-for-money services.
Distance should not matter
 It doesn’t matter if you need to move 500mts or 500 km. Your movers and packers should be able to offer you the same unbeatable services in both cases. If you choose an inexperienced team, they assume that for short distances you don’t need to worry about the materials used for packing.
 This is a huge mistake, no matter what distance you need to move, your items still need to be protected with the highest quality of packing materials. Accidents could happen right outside your door, and the only thing that can protect your items is how it’s packed and what its packed with.
Time is of the essence
 In today’s day and age, we have no time to waste on slow and inefficient packers and movers. The movers and packers that come without experience are always much slower than those who have experience. They also tend to waste time going back and forth for more supplies and more manpower. Whereas a reputed team of packers and movers will assess the job correctly and have exactly what you need at hand and you’ll get the right number of people to assist with the move. You’ll have a fast and trouble-free move.
Hidden costs for small moves 
 If you have very few items to move its tempting to just hire a tempo and do the job yourself. What you might not take into consideration is that you still need to pay the helpers to load and unload your articles. Instead of going through the hassle of doing this, you can get a professional team who will manage your move from start to finish, at a minimal extra cost.
Choosing the best packers & movers or home removal services in India is one hell of a job. However, one should be careful and check all the details of the packers & movers company and should look that if they are covered by any insurance or not.
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