Let's start with the situation that was prevailing 5-10 years ago not only in Bangalore but in the whole country, the industry of packing and moving were merely heard of, and quite obviously the number of packers and movers was very low. But with the passage of time, people have started moving in search of job and new opportunities, and that has opened up the new area's business: packing and moving.
This has triggered many to start off the business of packing and moving, needless to say, it has generated two ways traffic: 1. Some really authentic and expertise group of people have made it flourishing and 2. Some have taken it as a way to swindle common people and gain massively. Now the the second group of people, who have grown up in numbers considerably over the last few years compared to the authenticated ones, is really a reason to worry.   
Despite of that, some really good authenticated packers and movers do exit virtually in every place. Hence, you would find quite a few in Bangalore as well. All you have to know is how to identify them, which you can do just by knowing the characteristic of reliable packers and movers. So, here you go:
Here are few characteristics of reliable packers and movers
1.       They must be comprised of sufficient number of men, who have have full expertise over their task: packing and moving.
2.      Not having sufficient amount of men may not help all the cause because you also need right set of tools, and as a reliable packer and movers you must have the possession of it.
3.      They must have the valid office address where you can always visit it if needed.
4.      The packers and movers must have their own van and vehicle so that they can conduct the moving part well enough.
5.      They must have excellent branch excellent branch network.
6.      They must do all the task of packing and moving by their own.
7.      None but into the least, they must also have valid registration number, bank account number, PAN card etc.
Hope you find a reliable packer and mover in Bangalore. Good Luck! 


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