11 Questions You Should Ask Your Packers and Movers Company in Bangalore

11 Questions You Should Ask Your Packers and Movers Company in Bangalore
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Selecting a house or Office Packers and Movers company can be a big decision, one that can ultimately determine your moving day experience. Moving house is a stressful task, and your house Packers and Movers should be on hand to help you at every step necessary. They should make moving day a easy, and you should feel confident in their skills and experience.
It’s easy to get tempted by Packers and Movers that offer a cheaper rate, but cost-saving here can cost you more at the end of moving day if your items are damaged due to inexperience and poor handling. It pays to get a few quotes from different companies, and when considering the quotes, don’t make your decision based on price alone. 
But how are you supposed to know if a particular moving company is the perfect balance of quality service and price? You should start by asking your Packers and Movers service some questions to gauge what they can offer and how they will handle your moving day.
Here are the top questions to ask your Packers and Movers Company:
1. How will the Packers and Movers Company move your belongings?
This question will help you understand what mode of transport they will be using to transport your belongings. Do they use a truck, and if so how do they load and secure all of the items? If they use a container, how can they ensure your items are safe as the container is on and offloaded?
2. Are the movers’ employees or do they hire contractors?
The answer to this question will help you understand the level of skill the movers have, and how secure your belongings will be in their care. Permanent employees are also more likely to care about the reputation of the business they are working for, and so you can expect a higher level of service.
3. How much experience do they have?
Like the question above, this can help you gauge the professionalism the movers will have. The longer they have been operating for, the more experience they have in safely securing and transporting your belongings. For example, larger, heavier items such as a pool table, more obscurely shaped items like pianos, and valuable items such as antiques.
4. Will your belongings be safe during transit?
The furniture Packers and Movers should be able to detail the various materials they will be using to securely transport your belongings. This will typically include blankets, bubble wrap and cardboard, but can also include specialist packing provisions for more valuable items.
5. What is included in the quote?
You should be made aware of any additional costs that are not included in the quote, if any. Ideally, the Packers and Movers would be upfront about all costs, rather that surprise you at the end of moving day with additional fees.
6. What other services do they offer?
Many Packers and Movers companies can pack and unpack your home for you, offer short and long term storage, as well as valet and pet transportation. They may also be able to offer house cleaning services for the house you are moving out of or the one you are moving into. Your Packers and Movers company will be able to assist you with any type of relocation, including office Packers and Movers and interstate and international relocations.
7. How will they protect your fragile or valuable items?
The Packers and Movers should have specialist packing systems on hand to safely secure your belongings while in transit. These typically include a combination of polystyrene, bubble wrap and cardboard. You can ask to see these options before moving day to have peace of mind your items will be safe and arrive in one piece.
8. Do they have any references or testimonials from previous clients?
You should be able to find testimonials on their website from previous clients but be sure to also ask around about them to see if any of your friends and family have dealt with them. There are a range of online review sites you can reference to get an idea of the level of service they offer.
9. Are they a part of any industry accreditations?
Industry associations and accreditations are a way for Packers and Movers companies to show they are aligned with the best practices in the industry and care about the level of service they offer their clients. 
10. Do I need to pay a deposit?
Find this out before you agree to the quote, so you understand your obligations. If you fail to pay a deposit because you weren’t aware of it, you may find that your movers might not turn up on moving day. The deposit may be necessary to secure the booking, so be sure to enquire about this beforehand.
11. Does the Packers and Movers company offer insurance?
If you’re moving particularly valuable items, or moving some distance, it’ll pay to ask about insurance to cover your items should they be damaged during the move. Many companies offer transit insurance.
Sharma Packers and Movers are proud to be industry accredited, offering high quality Packers and Movers in Bangalore for over 13 years. We offer a full range of Packers and Movers services, including packing and unpacking, short and long-term storage, and transit insurance.
Our team of Packers and Movers specialists have many years of experience and can ensure the security and safety of your furniture. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about your moving day and how Sharma Packers and Movers can help make your moving day stress free.
To find out more, contact our friendly team or request a free quote.


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